A Course in Life

With Christopher D'Orta

A Course in Life is a way of life, both inside and outside, that leads to absolute freedom. A Course in Life is based on the trials and tribulations of the trying life of Christopher D’Orta. Christopher D’Orta now shares his fall into hell and resurrection to Heaven to help others walk the path from hell to Heaven.
If you want to learn how to get out of hell you are best to allow one who is been in hell and knows the way out, on whatever level, in whatever way.
The truth is you already are what you are seeking. You are one moment, the moment, away from being totally free. Is it easy to attain total freedom? Well, yes and no. Since total freedom is the truth, and just is, and is what it is, it is easy. But, since we typically mightily resist the truth of who we really are it is not so easy. So, usually, it will take some time and some practice to retain total freedom. Is it all worth it? It could be postulated that choosing anything else would be literally senseless.
As a spiritual teacher, Christopher D’Orta can be your guide to total freedom. While we are going for it, at it, we might as well include understanding how to reach physical and emotional freedom on the way to spiritual freedom as it all ties together.

Truth by Christopher D'Orta

Physical Truth

On the physical level one best learns and applies solely the truth; if not one is likely committing slow, or fast, suicide.
Our body (and its terrain, i.e., how we feel) is a heap and result of what we ate/eat. Food is either, well food, or it is poison – Poison kills. We eat poison we kill ourselves, as it should be.

Inner Truth

On the mental or emotional level, well gosh darn it, there’s just too damn much depression, anxiety, misery, unhappiness, mental medications (given out like bubblegum).
Just for example, when was the last time a psychiatrist queried such questions as: “How much cultured food do you eat? “Let’s take a look at how healthy your stomach is.” “How much EMF pollution are you exposed to”? Psychiatrist and medication have their place. It just at the psychiatric profession is myopic, psychiatrist, to no fault of their own, are taught archetypally myopically, and as a result they sometimes do not see the larger picture.
Is therapy from a generically educated and trained therapist a good thing? It certainly can be. Though, one could debate that it depends on how much “inner development” or “enlightenment” the therapist has gone through. Otherwise, it is possible, at least, that the therapeutic process will be tantamount to ego teaching ego reinforcing ego, which may not be the ideal thing.
On a life-level, (yes there is a life level), there is too much boredom; not flying as high as we should; being numbed out; being addicted; being dependent on self-help; being enamored with “gurus”, and whatever we think is/are going to “save us”. No-one and no-thing s coming to save you; that is not to take away hope, quite the opposite, the one to take one step at a time with your own “legs” out of hell into Heaven.

Spiritual Truth

On a “spiritual level”, (whatever that means to the individual), are “spiritual beliefs” working? Such as: “I am spiritual but not religious”, (ironically, the adherents to the aforementioned just formed a new “religion”).
Are “traditional religions” working? God is a menacing terrifying avenging deity, who has the all the worst aspects of human traits, and will willingly and wantonly cast his child off to the other “god” for eternal damnation. Yup. That’s some “god” alright.
Bottom line: Are spiritual beliefs and/or religions delivering people into a state of absolute wholeness and peace? With all due respect to all spiritual beliefs and religions, I say not.
Is there a Spiritual Truth? Yes. Is there a Spiritual Truth that delivers peace? The peace that we all seek? Yes.
And what if God never became “not-God”? Meaning that no matter how hard humans have tirelessly struggled to defile the perfection of God’s unlimited perfect love, and nature, that God remained untouched by said human stupidity/insanity. What if the gates of Heaven were never even scratched despite all the slings and arrows humans have diligently and relentlessly thrown thereupon since the beginning? For whatever it’s worth, I assure you God and Heaven remain unscathed, thank God, literally, and pun intended.

Let’s put it together, together

We get and stay physically healthy when we follow the truth. Time teaches the truth. Before man moved into the cities, millennial ago, despite the lies we were taught, there was virtually no physical OR mental disease, and people lived to be far beyond what they are now.
Man figured out over countless centuries what is good and what is bad for him. We follow that which time teaches, what is been proven to be true, not new-fad theories that almost always, if not always, lead to destruction of quality of life, and death.
On the mental level, in the end, the only way we ever truly heal inside is when we, wait for it… LET GO. Letting go, and releasing, means that we no longer want and choose to use our minds in a way that works against our highest purpose.
We start a process whereupon we set out to learn new mental habits that set us free from our bad habits that we unintentionally learned from well-intentioned others who knew not what they were doing. You simply need to be led to the promised land called “letting go”. Letting go is easy, fun, and produces virtual/literal miracles.
On a Spiritual level, if we cut to the chase, we all want to feel peace; is that not true? Underneath all the “noise”, noise of the “ego”, there is perfect peace. One just needs to be led to the Heaven that is already here and now. There is no place to “go”. One does not need to “die”. These are just “stories” manifested and project from a mind that is innocently lost, confused, and misused.

Let’s Spend Money For a Change (The right way, for a change)

Christopher D’Orta can be your flashlight (mentor) that shows you the way, to and through a pathway bult from cobble stones of Truth called: A Course in Life.

Make contact. Start. One step at a time. What do you have to lose? Everything. Good! Yet really, it is the wrong question. The correct question is: What do you have to gain? The corrected answer is…E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
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