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A Course in Life recommends this particular grass-fed meat source because they are aware of, and take appropriate steps, to help insofar the critical factor for many who suffer needlessly: histamine production in the body which causes inflammation. This is the only truly histamine-free grass-fed source in the opinion of Christopher D’Orta. This is the food source that Christopher D’Orta generally lives upon.
We do not make any commission on this link. We are sharing this simply for the highest purpose of all concerned. However, if you wish to donate to help the mission of A Course in Life it would be greatly appreciated to help us to help others change within to change without to change the world one mind at a time. and please make certain to mention that you found these amazing grass-fed products through A Course in Life and/or Christopher D’Orta.

Truth Versus Money

The author of A Course in Life assures you that every single product that is recommended in A Course in Life has been chosen not for the reason of profit. Every single product is chosen solely because it is truly deemed by the author of A Course in Life to be something that may offer wondrous benefits in body or mind. Money is the last consideration ever when incorporating any piece of information, or recommended product in A Course in Life

A Course in Life is based on truth, as much as possible. A product is recommended in this course because it is researched, as much as possible, and found to be meritorious and proven to work, usually through thousands of years. New-fad products do not impress the author of A Course in Life, ever. New fad theories almost always have been proven to be fallacious throughout history, and there is no reason to think otherwise now. 

If a product is recommended in A Course in Life it is there for a reason. It is something that is believed to be absolutely crucial for physical or mental well-being. The author of A Course in Life finds what works and is needed, then finds the absolute best form of that particular item in the world; no money consideration comes into finding the best. The result of this process is a course that is, on every level, based as much as possible on truth principles. Any product in any form recommended in A Course in Life was put into this course only for the reason of correlating to truth and not from the need and greed of money. 

Yes, A Course in Life has the right to make money on products. However, money is the last consideration whenever anything was/is incorporated in this course. A Course in Life took 25 years to develop and evolve before was put into the public eye. 

Why did it take 25 years? Why wait 25 years before putting something out instead of quickly publishing it to make money on it? Because the course and the author were not ready-NO consideration of money was ever given to development or the marketing of this course at any time. The author of A Course in Life taught this course locally as he built it piece by piece slowly over 15 years. Then stopped the course and worked on himself for 10 years. He waited until he felt that this course was as perfect as possible being based solely in truth and nothing else. When he felt guided by Spirit-the course was put out for your benefit. Spirit was the only thing that guided him during the entire process. 

We hope that this all gives you a feeling of home when you enter this course. And a feeling of security when you choose to buy anything this course recommends.

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