Last Stop - Final Destination

A Course in Life is your final destination…
There is no need to read one more book, listen to one more audiobook, attend another seminar, another retreat, whatever and whatnot, nothing, this is the last stop.
A Course in Life (ACIL) will give you everything you need for every-thing. There is nothing missing. This course is whole and complete, as you are, underneath all the illusory perceptive fear-based meaningless innocuous noise.
Your search is over. If you do this course as it is intended, even just doing the best you can, you shall finally reach finalization.
There is nothing else to learn nutritionally. There is nothing more you can gain to get your inner mental/emotional house in perfect working order. Seeking absolute spiritual truth? You have arrived. You’re invited to heaven.
This all does not mean you should not go on taking care of yourself. It means that the hamster wheel has become what it always was, just now seen for what it is: a frantic run to nowhere.
A Course in Life is the truth stemmed from Truth.
On a physical level you will learn what actually works, not new-fad theories and opinions which inevitably all fail. Time is the best teacher. When we study what worked throughout history, and replicate that, we don’t reinvent the wheel, no. What we do by following what has worked for ever is to give our bodies a chance to do their job which is to live as long and healthy as possible, in perfect health. In fact, with longevity well beyond what is considered to be “normal” (which is not normal at all).  And allowing nature to do what it does, which is perfect perfection creating perfect health which is absolutely normal.
On the spiritual level, you will discover that there is absolute Truth. The truth does set one free. You will learn that there is only a choice of fear or love, and how to consistently choose love over fear You will create new “spiritual habits”, that will replace “fear-ego-based habits”, enabling you to reach Heaven which is/has always been right here right now: You will see it, feel it, know it, and become it.
All the above is guaranteed, that’s if, if, you follow the course.
Welcome Home.
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