Heaven is Overrated

If you want to know way to Heaven you best find one who has been in hell, and knows the way out, and way to/in…Heaven.

Christopher D’Orta has been in hell, many ways, many times.

On a physical level Christopher has suffered from pretty much every conceivable physical ailment, in the worst way possible. Accordingly, Christopher has endured ineffable pain. If you are or have been there you know this hell If not, you do not want entry to this hell on earth. The best way is to not get in hell in the first place.

And the emotional/mental level, Christopher was once loaded up with essentially every possible challenge. Major hell.

On the Spiritual level, being a Spiritual Warrior, Christopher has foraged the terrain of the true path to Truth, which can be trying at times.

On the life-level, Christopher has been in almost for of life-hell there is.

So, in total: Christopher knows hell well. He also fought his way out of hell, many times, over a long time, on every level.

You are invited to get of, bypass, or avoid hell all together. Christopher D’Orta can be your candle shining light on the cobble stoned path to Truth via A Course in Life towards freedom.

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