Genesis of A Course in Life

Buy A Course in Life: A course to life; walk the course built upon truth cobblestones one step at a time, but of course.
A Course in Life: what is it? Let’s start at the beginning…
The name “A Course in Life” came to me from above.
A Course in Life was born through my death. I grew up in hell. Growing up in hell produce hell within. Hell within produces hell without. My body became deathly ill. The doctors could not help me, only offered comfort while I was in my death process. Like the Phoenix I rose from the dead.
The death I experienced outside, was pale in comparison to the death I experienced inside. I went through every imaginable mental and emotional pain, trauma, damage, challenge, darkness, hopelessness, just one pit of hell after another.
A voice came to me. It was still and silent, but it was as loud as standing next to a raging locomotive. It told me I was to live. I was to live more than ever had. And through my reclamation I was to learn the real meaning of life.
I was led to everything I needed. Every perfect person. Book. Place. Thing. It was as if I was being carried by an invisible hand. It always knew where to lead me.
I began to experience healing. My body started to transmogrify. My mind started to open. My brain started to heal. Miracles were happening, literally. I do mean literal miracles. And I learned that miracles were normal, and not-miracles were not normal; that alone was a miracle.
Sure, the physical pain was still there. The fear was still there. The mental issues held on. The emotional damage fought for its life. Yet, slowly, they were all slowly becoming gossamer.
I was programmed as a child to become a lawyer, so somehow, I squirreled my way into law school. I didn’t know what I was doing there. I didn’t want to be there. Later, I realized that God put me through law school so I could garner the required tools to teach A Course in Life from above.
I knew I could be free. I just didn’t know how free. I knew that I could help others to be free. I just didn’t know how free they could be. When it dawned on me, when I experienced moments of total freedom, I realized that freedom was normal, and not-freedom was not normal.
A Course in Life is deliverance from hell. What is hell? Anything that is perceptively not God is hell. God is perfect physical health. God is perfect mental health. God is perfect spiritual peace. That’s the Truth.
A Course in Life is built on some core principles…
We all resistant to change. The Angels gifted me to be the most resistant of all. I didn’t learn anything to teach. I simply learned to simply stay alive. I learned to keep my sanity. I learned to keep myself out of hell. I never read anything to help someone else. All I did and do is share my journey. That’s what A Course in Life is. It is sort of a biography of perhaps the most damned being of all time, inflicted purposely by the Angels with every possible physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imposition possible, to the worst degree. And this course is the story of how this inflicted man dug his way out of these abundant deep dark hellacious holes.
I had to learn how to overcome my own resistance. So, the angels told me that anything could be accomplished, if done one step at a time. If we do things one step at time, we are much more likely to succeed. Resistance will generally be a factor, but, can be overcome, one step at time, dong things one step at a time. We are thusly permanently changed.
A Course in Life teaches new habits. New habits of eating, thinking, feeling, emoting, and spiritualizing. We are what we do. We do what we are. Our habits create our destiny. Anyone can want to change. Doing what is necessary to change is a whole different gig. If it was easy to change, everybody would be perfectly healthy, happy, rich, have everything they ever wanted and more. Reality is that 99% of people have 1% of the aforementioned.
It came to me, through Spirit, that I had taken on an immense responsibility: to teach. I knew that by leading people through teaching that I could lead them to darkness, or to light. I knew I could lead people to suffering, or to well-being. I knew I could lead people literally to death, or to life. It felt like being a demigod. I was playing God. I knew if I did not let God lead that I would misuse this power. So, I made sure that every-single-thing I ever said in any way was as much as possible the truth. That just felt so right.
This “mission”, will not be finished until every single person is in Heaven, of this world but not of it, here and now. A lofty goal. Yes. Achievable? I honestly don’t know. All I know is I’m being told do not stop until it is done. So, I forage on.
I am not by any means a “conventional teacher”. I am quirky, unconventional, rough, raw, raucous, humorous, sexual, out-of-control, feral, I don’t give a sheet, I am faulted and bent. I think you’ll enjoy, as many have, the realness of who I am, and what I say. Sounds like a lot of ego. It’s not. It’s just the truth. My truth.
Buy this course. Take this course. Or engage me in private mentoring. Private mentoring (leadership of your inner and outer ship[s]) is $150 per session.
I’ll see you in/on the course. It is going to get real, real fast. We, together, are going on a truth-journey, to embark on a new course, A Course in Life.
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