Hot for Teacher

Legion are pumping out books on Amazon about nutrition. Here is a fact, at least I think it’s a fact, backed up by many decades of experience of self, others, and much research: the number one determining factor at how long, and how well, one will live begins with what they eat. Now, let’s say Jane publishes a nutritional book because she found the informational fountain of “truth”. Let’s say Jane is promoting veganism. Jane read a lot of vegan books, written by passionate writers, who thought that they knew what the “truth” was, and she’s now pumped up with passion, to passionately spread the “truth”. Jane’s prolific energy spills over so much so that she has New York Times number one bestseller.
Millions of people are now reading her book, following on the newfangled new demigod “social media”, she’s doing multiple television appearances, naturally on Oprah, is getting wealthy, and of course, unsurprisingly, but of course, she’s doing yoga, and yes, but of course, most importantly, Jane can get her foot behind her head.
Now here’s the thing: Did Jane make absolutely certain that what she was saying was true? She better had, because, she may have just murdered millions of people. In fact, in this hypothetical scenario, I say, backed up by immense experience and research, that she did indeed commit genocide of life and quality of life. Yes, even worse than murder, to me at least, and philosophically at least, is destroying the quality of life.
Let’s say Jill writes a book on inner wellbeing. Once again, did Jane make absolutely certain that what she’s teaching leads to more freedom, instead of less? That would be rather important, would it not?
Teaching, particularly in the “wellness sector”, may be the most powerful thing in the world. I understood this from the beginning. And because of that, do everything humanly possible to make sure that what I dispense information -wise, and other, is as much as possible the truth.
Teaching others is no small thing, no joke, and not to be taken lightly.
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