Letting Go.

You know what letting go is? It is feeling open, quiet, and free within.
Close your arms around yourself as if you’re hugging us of, but make it a “bad hug”, whereas and wherein you are in a sense “stifling yourself”. Doesn’t feel very good, does it? Now, to teach yourself the contrary, while “gripping yourself tightly with your arms”, breathe in deeply, then as you breathe out slowly open your arms up, sort of like a butterfly opening its wings, until your arms are minimally perpendicular to your shoulders, (even better arms spread behind you, arms straight, stretching a bit behind you whereas you are now totally open physically. How does that feel? Does it not feel much better? Do you not feel more open?
I am not making light of anything anyone has gone through. However, the truth is that you are not your “past damage”, “past drama”“past any-thing”. You are perfect and whole, in the perfect and whole moment, which is always right here and right now.
I’ve had my share of hell, and then some. I am, though, telling you that after many decades of exploring every single possible avenue of relief, that in the end, the ultimate way to freedom is to simply LET GO.
When your mind is trained to be here now, in the moment, there is nothing there – there. (What? Um hum). Understand?
When you make a habit of releasing all the perceived imperfection that you thought you were, the perfection that you are comes to the fore (of the mind) and shines away the “darkness (darkness is merely lostness and confusion of the mind).
Before we “get it”  we typically create negative non-productive habits of holding onto thoughts, feeling, emotions, and beliefs. We also likely get so confused that think we ARE these thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs.
I assure you that you no longer need to “work on yourself”. The only reason you should want to continue working on yourself is because you want to hold onto the very same things you ultimately wish to be free from. Get it?
You do not need to buy any more books and/or audios on Amazon. You don’t need to go to more retreats. more “special places”, or put your foot behind your head. These things are fine. They’re not good, or bad; they are neutral. In the ultimate Truth, these are just things. These endeavors are just covering up the perfect purity of what you already are. Such purity just needs to be uncovered. There is nothing to learn. Nothing to acquire. Nothing to become. You already are that which you seek.
Yes, this is a learning process. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step; I am sure you heard. Well, the journey to a course in life, a new course in life, starts with the first step, as well. Isn’t everything, every-thing, done one step at a time? Just take one step, then another, then another, releasing and letting go as you do, and miracles will unfold.
Seems too good to be true? Seems too easy? I agree. If it was difficult and complicated everybody would do it and understand it.
These concepts may run upstream, contrary, against the grain, to what you currently believe. It is absolutely normal to feel resistance, if not repulsion, maybe even anger at what you’re reading. That is totally understandable and reasonable. That does not mean, however, that these words are not the truth.
Truth-tellers have not done very well throughout history. Usually they are vilified, jailed, many times eventually tortured, and, but of course… killed. Will that be my fate? If it be so, so be it. Sometimes we just have to do what we are told.

If you’re open to being open, and tired of being tired, and sick of being sick, and want to stop “learning”, and “teaching” (yes, I’m talking specifically and directly to you, alleged, “life coaches”, and “therapists”), and finally start living life as a truly “living being”, truly engaged in life, then jump on the cobblestones of truth that is called A Course in Life, with Christopher D’Orta.

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