Perfect Health is Normal

In my opinion, (and experience), perfect is normal. Wait: perfect health is normal? Yes.
Animals in a pristine environment (yes good luck with the pristine environment after the shit-show that has gone on, on purpose in my opinion), essentially, with few exceptions. Are humans animals? But of course: talking animals; quite possibly/probably not even the highest in consciousness (ever notice how a dog is perpetually in the moment; Without reading a single “guru’s” book on Amazon, or attending a seminar “how to be in the moment”: imagine that).


There are two doctors that separately studied humans that lived longest with least disease; that is called success. What they found was that indigenous peoples and tribes around the world would living as humans had been living forever had little or no cancer, heart disease, arthritis, immune system disorders, diabetes, obesity, etc., ad infinitum.
Possibly more interesting, is that very little if any mental disease was found including: depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, etc.
What Price and Pottinger discovered through their historic studies was that indigenous people who were untouched by “modern technological stupidity”, lived at one with nature, and as nature intended, and concurrently thereby lived nearly perfect astonishingly healthy long lives.
Strikingly, almost everything that was revealed by the efforts of Price and Pottinger runs counter to almost everything in the allopathic realm (the folks that recommend taking poisonous chemical drugs to cover up symptoms, and very rarely study what caused the problem in the first place).
Even more striking, to me, the Price-Pottenger studies run counter to the so-called “alternative holistic world”. Just for instance the insane vegan postulate which is an invitation to suffer, die, and be buried, quite thin, frail, with very little hair, brittle nails, and skin, (a very bad looking corpse, indeed).
Most vegans are cranky, depressed, anxious, nasty, judgmental, close minded, he goes on and on, just mentally deeply screwed up. That’s because the nutrients that animals give us are necessary for brain and gut help, (the gut has a lot to do with mental health, unbeknownst to most psychiatrists, who love that prescription pad, paid in blood for and by Pfizer and company).
In a nutshell, or in a bone shell, we should be eating freshly slaughtered animals, nose to tail, that includes the saturated fat therefrom the aforementioned that is remarkably healthy for the body, not bad as is falsely postulated by the conventional medical field, and even most of the holistic field.
Grass fed is the key. Animals fed grains have flesh and byproducts that produce inflammation; inflammation causes disease. Grass fed animals have equal or higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than fish, plus glorious critical nutrients that cannot be found in the vegetable kingdom.
Are fruits and vegetables good for us? Yes and no – It’s a long story. We’ll pick it up in private counseling and/or A Course in Life.
God is not stupid. God did not need Pfizer to come along and outsmart Him; to fix His screw ups. Are you getting this?
We’ve all been programmed by people who run the planet, who do not have our best interest at heart; you can bet on that. They’re coming at you; they are definitely coming after me.
You were born by perfection to be perfect. Reclaim your innate right.
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