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A Course in Life is a mission on one level to eliminate physical disease on earth. A Course in Life is also a mission to eradicate mental illness as we know it. Spiritual wellness is the crux and all wellness stems therefrom, as ALL stems from Spirit.
A Course in Life is a mission to teach every single human being alive how to master their mind, and use it as it should be used, for their benefit, instead of against themselves – (which is what most are currently doing.)
Hopefully, with God – (as one may understand “God”), all will eventually drop all the ego-based human-hoods, and the God-Self of all of us will rise above the cacophony of insanity.
A Course in Life needs financial support to accomplish its mission. If you are loaded, unload some, if not all, this way; it’s going in a direction that cannot possibly be better. Those who have less, give less, or none (your blessings are free and appreciated!). Those who don’t feel so inclined, are equally blessed by us at ACIL, nonetheless!
Please make contact to plan for transfer of money.
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